Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.
 Notes from the Editors

Summer is over and here we are, reading, writing, and thinking about the power of words to communicate and connect. This month we feature one terrific long essay by Stephanie Skansgaard, in addition to two fine poems by Waymon Coho and Tine Lucero.

We are excited to be back, and eager to share more great student writing with you this year. Please consider submitting work for our October or November issues, or to the Student Literary Contest, for which the deadline is
October 16. And don’t forget to check out the Student Reading Series held in the Writing Center on Sept 19 and Oct 19.

                                                                                              — Justin Bendell

Summer is my favorite part of the year, but I think that Autumn is truly the most magical. Even though school brings a rushing responsibility, I hope that you take some time to enjoy the tiny beauties of the season: bosque winds, mountain shivers, lemon-colored butterflies, fire-roasted chile, lush harvests. I hope that you also make and enjoy art, wherever and however you find it.

Please join us at our first Student Reading Series: Wednesday, September 19th from 12-12:45 pm in the UNM-VC Writing Center. Bring something of your own to share with the group or even a work that you love by a favorite writer.
                                                                                       — Kristian Macaron

Little Wolf #9

September  2018