Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Little Wolf #11
November 2018

​​Gabally Goo, WTE
by Benjamin Zilar

From eons of eldritch simplicity
Your mind is swallowed up by history
Move on, damn you or be stuck
Lest ye fall into madness and run amok!

It is keen that one should look on
Forever abound, going on and on and on
To details of which to beseech a scribe
Who holds the keys to what cannot describe?

I play a flute with discordant sound
Giving life to the madness that is leashed and bound
Brilliance is a mad one of which to be my guide
But to keep it together, that is something worthy of my pride.


A View From Life
by  J.B. Winter

We are at the best and worst part of life. A crossroads. The
part where the road couldn't have more potential and
excitement along the way but is filled with overwhelming odds
and life struggles. It's where you have to make a decision.
Decide whether to continue or diverge and carve a new way. A
way in which everything will be stacked against you and at
times will fail miserably.

These are the building blocks of overcoming fear and worries.
How do you know how to succeed if you've never faced defeat.
How do you know what makes you great if you've never been
at the bottom. To truly know how to be satisfied, one must
have experienced loss.

Truth be told. Life will be cruel, life will be cold. It will make
you act a fool and be bold. Try not to fold. If you don't let it
consume and ruin you, life can take you on an amazing ride. A tide. Full of hope, dreams, maybe, what if, and all around
possibilities. Don't waste it.

For it can also be dark. It can take your spark and leave a
mark way beyond your bark. No walk in the park. Be careful
and be observant. The small tendencies and tricks that are
some of life's greatest pricks!!! Learn and prosper. That's what life's got to offer.

2018 UNM-Valencia
Student Literary Contest Winners:

1st Place: Athena Avalos
“The Technology Bytes”

2nd Place: Cyndee Gustafson
“Lasting Memories”
(published in Little Wolf #10)

3rd Place: Lizzie Marie Torres
(published below)

by Lizzie Marie Torres

The first time of everything is silent, speechless and unaccounted for; The symphony of a song is unheard because, we don’t take the relativity out of time to truly listen , we shall listen to every beat, sound, frequency, vibration as if it where the last time to hear again, have you ever listed to the sound of silence I suggest rather opening the mind that is your doors accepting the sound of silence dreaming it would rather pour, the pure soothing sound of rain drops banging and banging on your doors, Once you open the doors and set the self free you can simply be. Be you, true and began to bloom, personally and unknowingly wearing ankle bracelets, something to cover up the silence… jewelry can carry a vibration and sound everywhere I must go it travels with me on the floors. Listen to understand , listen to learn , listen to simply appreciate the sounds, the sounds of today, the sounds of tomorrow, the sounds of this second.

The first time of the sensory sensation from our fingertips or even our toes is spoken about similar to as if we actually think we are living; How do we truly know we are living listen to astonishing things all around us that we take for granted everyday, or shall we dream of what it could be, could it be more beautiful, could it be more pure, more "realistic." Imagine the fingertips out the car widow as you drive into the beautiful presence of the earth, the here the now just to feel the sensation of something so soothing, so calm... Now just imagine your fingertips to a sap tree the stuck the trapped we unconsciously crave this calmness of our realistic space where we feel more alive, more in tuned with the nature, the birds, the bugs, the wind, for sake the weather don’t take for granted and don’t become trapped become abstract and interact with the earth that we would rather prefer.